How to Add RAM Using a Flash Disk on Windows 8 and 10

How to Add RAM Using a Flash Disk on Windows 8 and 10 – Actually, this is not a new trick, but for those who do not know this trick, hopefully, useful as we all know that the primary function of the memory on our PC or laptop is to provide support for the speed of the PC / laptop to process data. For example, to play games, one application usually requires a lot of memory.

Well, what if we do not have enough money to buy new memory and sometimes there is no additional slot on the motherboard for additional memory. This is a simple solution that will help to add memory by using a flash in Windows.

The first method uses the concept of Virtual Memory in Windows

1. First, Enter Your Pen Drive. Then open My Computer and right-click the mouse – you will see the Properties button.

Pen Drive

2. After the Properties button is clicked, the Properties window will open, then click on Advanced Settings on the left side.

He advanced settings on the left side

3. Then on the Advanced tab, click the Settings button. It will appear on the Performance tab.


4. A new window will appear on the Advanced tab.


5. On the Advanced tab, there is a Virtual Memory checkbox, then click the Change button.


6. Remove the checkmark in the Automatically Manage Page size feature box. In Custom Size, add a flash with the same format. Enter the equal value in both boxes, then click the Apply button.


Note: If the flash disk that is used is 4 GB in capacity, always subtract 10MB from the size available at the time the flash disk is used. For example, a flash disk that has a capacity of 4 GB and available capacity of 3700 MB, then use a minimum value of 3690, if the position that can be obtained more is better, there may be files that can be deleted.

Restart the PC or Laptop, use the flash will work as Virtual Ram. If the above method is not suitable, you can try the second method. The second method can be done in Windows 7.

The Second Method Using ReadyBoost on Windows 7, 8, 10

1. First insert the flashdisk, right click on the flashdisk and click the property button.


2. Open the ReadyBoost tab.


3. Then select Use this device and reduce the memory capacity that is Being used. If the position used is 4100MB, reduce the ability to around 200-300MB.


Use this device

4. Kemudian Klik Apply.


5. If you want to use the flash drive later for other purposes, then simply select Don’t use a device in the ReadyBoost tab.

Don't use a device

Need to remember!

1. Always remove the flash through the Safely Remove procedure, because removing the flash drive Directly will cause damage to the flash drive.

2. When using the Virtual Memory method and want to use the flash for other needs, then simply open Virtual Settings, delete the value in the custom memory and select the default settings by checking the Automatically Manage Paging Size.

3. In the ReadyBoost method, simply remove the ReadyBoost file from the flash disk, the flash disk will Be used again typically.

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