How to Adjust the Screen Brightness in Windows 10

How to Adjust the Screen Brightness in Windows 10 – Screen brightness is indeed an essential factor when using a PC. In a state of low light, of course, we do not want the screen to be too bright, even when we are in a brilliant situation, of course, if the dark screen is not seen, we must increase the brightness first.

In Windows 10, the screen brightness is usually able to adjust automatically. But for you who want to set it manually, it’s not a problem. This is one of the essential tips in Windows 10 about how to adjust the brightness level of the screen. There are three ways we can do to improve the brightness level.

1. Can use the battery icon in the Windows taskbar 10. The brightness level is set with a percentage starting at 25%

2. Through the Action Center

Action Center

3. Through the Settings Menu> System> Display


4. Through the Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power OptionsOn Power Option


Done, now you can adjust the brightness of the screen in the three ways above that you think are the easiest. Anyway, you can also change the brightness level by using the keys on the keyboard, or select buttons that have been provided.

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