How To Delete Photos On Facebook Tagged So As Not Tagged

How To Delete Photos On Facebook Tagged So As Not Tagged – Remove images tagged on your Facebook. Commonly we have pictures marked by your good friends. Now, if you do not like it and wish to delete the data on your Facebook wall surface, you only need to get rid of the tag.

You can adhere to the steps listed below to make use of a COMPUTER or laptop computer:

  1. This is done. You can not remove the picture since you didn’t submit it. You can only eliminate the mark on the image.
  2. Initially, open up the Facebook web page,, using PC or H, then visit
  3. After logging right into the Facebook web page, pick Account, after that Photos.
  4. See the images that identified you on the Photos of You tab
  5. Select one. After that, click the pencil symbol in the top-right edge, click unmark, or report.
  6. Then a confirmation will certainly appear stating whether you accept to get rid of the mark. If you are sure, then continue by checking.
  7. Done, the picture of your close friend you wish to remove is no more on the profile web page.

At the same time, to remove the mark from Facebook pictures using the cellular phone, the way is as follows:

  1. Initially, gain access to Facebook with the Facebook Mobile application (Android or Apple phone) or via an internet browser that advertisements on HP.
  2. Log in to the home page.
  3. Select the View your Account choice under your profile picture.
  4. After that, choose the Picture food selection, a collection of photos that show up on your Facebook.
  5. Afterward, pick the Photos of You tab.
  6. Open one of the photos up until the photo shown increases the size of.
  7. After that, on the ideal side, click the dot symbol, several options will appear. You have to select Remove Tag
  8. Click OK when verified whether you make sure you wish to remove the tag or otherwise.
  9. Done, you will certainly no more be able to access the photos marked by your buddy.
  10. The picture will not be erased and can still be accessed by your pals who submit it. But once more, you can’t re-access it.

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