How to Fix a Blank White Laptop Screen

How to Fix a Blank White Laptop Screen | Laptop Monitor Service | Overcoming the Damaged White Blank Laptop Screen – Repairing the white blank laptop screen that will search Blog Column on this post. To overcome the problem of white blank laptop screens are very common for laptop and computer users. This problem is still relatively mild compared to your Laptop’s cooling fan that died, your hard drive is damaged, RAM is damaged, or even the worst if your laptop motherboard is damaged. White blank screen caused by a flexible laptop cable in the joints of laptop folds that are sometimes attached connect, so that if the screen is moved slightly, suddenly your laptop screen blinks white.

How to overcome problems that are temporary if the situation is not severe laptop screen. Temporary handling methods as follows:

  1. Press the Fn + F2 button until the image on the laptop LCD appears.
  2. Do not move the Laptop until the image on the Laptop appears, because this will add to the damage of the flexible cable.
  3. Do not often open and close the Laptop.

If the steps above are not successful, it means your laptop screen is too severe, and you must follow the second step to overcome or fix your Laptop that suddenly blanks white:

  1. Disassemble laptop LCD parts. Open the bolt cover on the LCD, then remove the bolt, after that use a min (-) screwdriver to open the LCD Case (opening the laptop part of the LCD should be careful not to damage the laptop case).
  2. After the LCD Cover is open then remove the LCD, open the 4 LCD retaining screws on the left and right sides, pull slowly and place it on the laptop keyboard, look at the back of the LCD there are several cables including LCD cables, Camera cables, Antenna cables Wifi and Inverter cable.
  3. Remove the tape/solation/tape, gently pull the cable off the socket, clean the connector pin, then put it back on, replace the tape/solation/tape so that it is more durable and does not shift when opening and closing the Laptop.
  4. Turn on the Laptop.
  5. If your Laptop is standard and after that, put the LCD back on and don’t put the casing back in the LCD that is still open, and the Laptop is always ON, do open and close your Laptop repeatedly, if there is no problem means your Laptop is standard. The problem is only with the socket logger LCD cable.
  6. But if it turns out your laptop LCD back again blank all white, it means you have to remove the LCD cable to connect the broken keel or replace it with a new one.

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