How to Hide Files or Folders on a Computer 100% Work

How to Hide Files or Folders on a Computer 100% Work – There are numerous factors that individuals conceal documents, one of the factors individuals conceal data since they are vital, such as; university assignment documents, personal pictures, or favored video clips. And also scared if something happens to the flesh.

When the documents are concealed, then we can just access the place of the information, except if the other person also installs a keylogger or a spy program that videotapes desktop computer activity. Yet I think that is not possible on our computer if we lock the machine as well as unlock it should enter the password first.

As a result, Fromhomeaway made this article regarding how to hide data or folders on a computer system. How to protect a data or folder on a PC (computer system) or a laptop computer coincides if you make use of the same operating system, the Windows operating system. Yep, I’m below to talk about exactly how to hide data or folders in the Windows os.

Just How to Hide Data or Folders on a Computer

Just how to conceal documents or folders on a computer

The first does not make use of a note pad or special software to safeguard information. But right here only makes use of the default features of Windows. Here’s just how:

1. First open Windows Traveler

2. then discover the data or folder you want to hide.

3. After the file is created, after that, right-click the folder and also choose Qualities. After that, on the “General” tab, check out all-time low, pick Hidden and also click Apply as well as OK.


4. After clicking OK, there will undoubtedly be 2 (two) options. If you intend to hide the folder and subfolders as well as every little thing g in it after that, pick Apply modifications to this folder, subfolders, and data. Then click, OK.

Apply modifications to this folder, subfolders, and data

5. Done. Your documents or folder has now been efficiently hidden.

If the folder that we have hidden does not exist or is no more visible, it suggests that the folder has been effectively reduced.

To conceal it, you click the Sight food selection. After that, click Folder Options or Options if on Windows 8 and also above. After the Folder Options home window opens up, you select the View tab and afterward in the Data and Folders area pick Do not Show covert data, folders, or drives.

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