How to Import Data from Edge Legacy to Edge Chromium

How to Import Data from Edge Legacy to Edge Chromium – Just recently, Microsoft included an option where you can import information from an older version of Side (Tradition) to Side Chromium. This choice is available on Edge Canary version 83.0.473.0.

Import Information from Side Heritage to Edge Chromium.

  1. Open Up Microsoft Side.
  2. Go into the following address side:// flags/ # edge-legacy-import in the LINK area.
  3. Open up the drop-down menu as well as select the Made it possible for choice. Click the Restart option to reload the web browser.Click the Restart


4. After the web browser resumes, go into the complying with edge address:// settings/import data to open the information import web page straight.

5. You will undoubtedly locate the Microsoft Edge Legacy option, and after that, you can choose what data you want to move if you have click Import.


6. Done.

After the process is full, the information will quickly transfer to Side Chromium. If you do not find the Microsoft Edge Tradition choice, that suggests you have installed the stable version of Side Chromium. Where Edge Chromium stable variation will immediately change Side Tradition.

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