How To Import Passwords In Google Chrome From CSV File

How To Import Passwords In Google Chrome From CSV File – When you intend to import passwords into Google Chrome, you can do this quickly using the import information food selection from the location internet browser.

However, besides that, you can also import passwords by hand from CSV (succeed spreadsheet) submits that you previously exported. However, by default, Chrome does not provide an alternative to import passwords.

The configuration is needed through the Chrome:// flags page to present the import password choice from the CSV data.

Import Password in Google Chrome from CSV Documents

  1. Open up the Chrome internet browser.
  2. Enter the chrome:// flags/ # Password Import address in the LINK area.
  3. Open up the drop-down menu and select the Made it possible for choice.

4. Refill the web browser by clicking the Relaunch option.
5. Get in the chrome:// settings/ passwords address in the LINK area.
6. Click the food selection noted with three dots (– – –) after that select the Import alternative.


7. Open the location where the CSV file lies.

CSV file
CSV file

8. Done.

After the procedure is complete, all the passwords in the CSV documents will undoubtedly show up in the web browser.

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