How to Maintain and Clean a Laptop Keyboard

How to Maintain and Clean a Laptop Keyboard – A keyboard is an essential tool on a laptop. So, laptop keyboards must be cared for and cleaned correctly. Although at this time, we do not use a physical keyboard, as in tablet PCs, the role of the manual on a laptop cannot be abandoned.

The keyboard on a laptop is not the same as a PC in general. If not appropriately treated, laptop keyboards often become dirty and even damaged. What happens if one of your laptop’s keyboard keys doesn’t work correctly? Guaranteed, you will not be comfortable using a computer.

Therefore, instead of spending money to repair or even replace a new laptop keyboard, you should see this article “Tips on Caring & Cleaning Laptop Keyboards.” So that your laptop keyboard is durable.

Below is how to care for and clean a laptop keyboard properly:

  1. Before cleaning your laptop keyboard, turn off the laptop power. Disconnect the charger and remove the USB cables that are still plugged into the laptop to be cleaned.
  2. Tilt your laptop forward For simple cleaning, tilt your laptop forward. Gently blow on the keyboard so that dust and dirt particles that stick to it can be wasted.
  3. Use a thin but durable tool like the tip of a teaspoon, and wrap with a slightly damp cloth to clean the edge (boundary) of the keyboard with a monitor.
  4. To prevent dust from sticking back, use a keyboard protector made of rubber. This protector can prevent dirt or dust from entering between the keyboard keys, even so, that liquid does not enter your laptop.
  5. Do not put drinks or food near the laptop, what if your computer is exposed to water spills? This is very dangerous because it can cause a short circuit on your computer.
  6. Reduce the habit of playing games on a laptop, when you play sports, only a few buttons are pressed, this can cause a damaged keyboard—moreover, the type of racing game. Type of racing pressed the gas button during racing ends. Surely the button is pressed very long. I recommend using a joystick, and this can prevent damage to your laptop keyboard.

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