How to make a Flash Disk to Reinstall

How to make a Flashdisk to Reinstall – To make a flash disk so that it can be used to reinstall a PC or laptop, please follow the steps below!

1. First, provide a PC or laptop that is still in healthy condition and free of viruses

2. Prepare a flash disk that is 8GB (the brand is free, it’s up to you, whatever brand you want, you can)

3. Prepare the Windows ISO file
To get the Windows ISO file, you can download it easily on the internet,

because now many sites specifically provide these iso windows files for free.

Then after the ISO file is downloaded, save the iso windows file in the folder on drive D

4. Prepare Rufus
Because the manufacturing process uses application assistance, so also prepare an application called Rufus.

Besides its minimal size, (less than 1MB) this application is also straightforward to get / download

5. Plug the flash disk on the USB port that is on the CPU or laptop, free which port you want is up to you, the important thing is that the port is empty or not being used

6. Open the Rufus application that was prepared earlier! If the Rufus application is opened, my friend will see a screen like the one below

Rufus 1


If it doesn’t appear, you just need to right-click the Rufus application, then click run as administrator. then look at the box under the writing device, whether it has been filled with the flash disk buddy plugs earlier or not, if you haven’t lived just click the box underneath the writing device

7. Then, look for the flash disk, after meeting, click open! (usually, the flash is immediately automatically detected)

For the other boxes or columns, leave them alone, because they are automatically filled.

8. Check the quick format box, then create a bootable disk using the box and create an extended label and icon files box.

9. Click the box to the right of the words, creates a bootable disk using, then select the iso image file.

10. Then click the DVD icon next to it, and find the windows iso file that you prepared. Once found, click open! Then, look at the Rufus application again.

Some boxes will change automatically, leave them alone, and don’t change them again. For more details, see the picture below!

Rufus 2


11. Finally, click the start button on the Rufus application to start the process. For more information, see the red arrow in the image below!

Rufus 3


Wait until the process is complete. When the process is done, you just have to close the Rufus application.

Now, the flash can be used to reinstall a PC or laptop.

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