How to Overcome a Total Dead Laptop

How to Overcome a Total Dead Laptop – Have you ever when you use a laptop suddenly your laptop is dead? Isn’t that very annoying? When will be revived can not be alive and famous indicator does not light at all, all die. But laptop damage due to total death is more natural to analyze and overcome obstacles than laptops that die randomly. If the computer dies randomly, it will be difficult during the repair process.

If the laptop is dead, the first thing to do is to check from the beginning of the laptop power adapter component. Is there electricity going into the laptop adapter?

There are several causes of laptop problems such as total death

  • Power adapter failure.
  • Damage to main memory.
  • The Damaged Processor on the Laptop.
  • Damage to the laptop mainboard.

If your laptop is completely dead, all you need to do is as follows.

  1. If the indicator light on the laptop turns off, you are required to check the adapter cable, the condition of the power cable, steviol, or UPS. How to check is by testing using a device called a multimeter. Previously, you had to check again whether there was electricity and standard voltage. The laptop will die if there is no electricity supply.
  2. The next step is to pay attention to the performance of the power adapter. If the power adapter is turned on, but the laptop is still dead. There is a possibility that there is a problem with the computer on/off switch component is tiny. But it doesn’t matter if you check the button. If no problems occur, most likely, the damage occurred on the laptop mainboard.
  3. The way to anticipate a dead laptop is by trying to unplug the power adapter, then plug it back in and try to turn on the computer. Is there a change? If not, this is usually caused by a loose DC socket so that there is no electricity going into the computer.
  4. The next tip is to remove the adapter and use the battery only. If using a laptop battery can be lit, it can be ascertained if there is damage to the power adapter. You should immediately do the laptop adapter repair.

Next, you have to do is to remove the adapter and use the battery only. If by using a dead laptop battery turns on. It can be ascertained if the damage is found in the power adapter. You must repair the adapter immediately.

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