How To Overcome Forgotten Facebook Passwords Through Email

How To Overcome Forgotten Facebook Passwords Through Email – If the previous method not works, then you can try the next process, which is to use Facebook password recovery options via email. This one method is quite powerful and has an excellent possibility for access again. For that, here are the steps.

  • The first step, pay attention to the account recovery options menu on the Facebook page, then select the option “send code by email.”
  • Later, you will be told to enter a password reset code, which will be sent to the email used.
  • For that, please log in using your email, then open the email sent by Facebook that contains the code to reset the password that you previously used.
  • After that, enter the reset code for the password that was sent by Facebook. Then click the “continue” option.
  • Then you can enter a new password to your liking. It would be better if you create a password that is easy to remember but still challenging for others to guess to avoid hijacking your Facebook account.
  • After you replace the old password with a new one, you can access your Facebook account as before.

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