How to Repair and Overcome a Black Laptop Blank/Black Screen

How to Fix a Black Blank Laptop – How to fix a black new laptop that so far might often make friends who use computers anxious, what are the causes and how to overcome them? Based on the experience of the readings that the admin learned from the Complete Computer Technician Ebook written by Mas Agussale, the owner of Qbonk Media Group. Admin-quality ebooks feel because 80 percent of them are practical knowledge about repairing laptops, computers, networks, even electronics technicians, and mobile phones.

Current Check Is There Or Not

The basic activity that we should be doing is checking the current on the laptop because it might be that the laptop is blank because there isn’t any current. If the current on the laptop is fine and the light on the laptop is also turned on, then skip this step and proceed to the next step.

Empty the Current in the Laptop

Regarding the problem of How to Fix a Laptop that does get a condition where the laptop does not display anything except a black screen, then we first try to clear the current in the computer to ensure all programs run from Zero. How to empty the flow by pulling out the laptop battery and pressing the power button while on hold for 30 seconds. The next step, please plug the battery back, usually in the case of a blank black screen laptop, this can be resolved until this step.

What Causes Black Blank Laptop Screens

It should be before making repairs to a damaged laptop, including overcoming the laptop blank, we must already understand why the computer is blank.the most important thing is to analyze the damage to the hardware and software on the computer, I highly recommend you read the complete learning series Laptop Computer Technicians Work by Qbonk Media Group

Broken Display Panel

We must determine whether the Display Panel on the laptop is damaged, then try connecting the computer with an external monitor. Change the screen mode via the laptop keyboard from internal screen mode to external screen mode.if the external screen successfully displays the display. It can be ascertained the damage is on the interior display panel. An external screen can be a CRT monitor if the output is a monitor (VGA) port, or an HDTV if the production is HDMI.there are several damages on the display panel, including damage to the inverter, flexible cable, and LCD. If there is a thin image like a shadow on the LCD, then the possibility is damaged the LCD lamp (CCFL), or the flexible cable.
List of laptop series that are often exposed to black screens:
the HP TX1000 series, the Sony Vaio VGN series, and other series that mostly use the nVidia 8400 and 8600 series. Production error. But Nvidia has fixed it for its new products.

Is damage to VGA Laptop

VGA chipset damage is generally experienced by dedicated VGA laptops like Nvidia or Ati. VGA damage from integrated chipsets such as Intel VGA is sporadic, VGA damage that occurs compared to about ten dedicated versus one integrated. Often affected by the VGA section are the chipset socket, VGA RAM, and GPU chipset.
The solution to Overcome Damage to Black Blank Screen Laptops
For damage to the LCD panel: take your laptop to a service location to find out which part of your laptop’s LCD panel is damaged so that it can be repaired or replaced. Or you can read “How to Repair a Damaged LCD Panel” For damage to VGA: the cheapest solution: chipset in Reflow (blower with the shotgun), but the cost will rise again quickly in just a few days. Reball: replace the pinballs under the chipset holder, so that a bad connection can be fixed balls made of lead-free soldering are more easily damaged due to temperature changes when compared to using leaded soldering material. That’s why after some time, a lot of VGA from Nvidia became damaged with symptoms of artifacts and black screens. If the chipset has been severely damaged can be replaced with a new chipset, and even then, if the chipset is available.
Another solution is to replace the motherboard. Unfortunately, this solution is the most expensive solution, which is between 1 to 2 not be hasty to replace the motherboard if your laptop problem is only “no display” / blank display / black screen because in addition to expensive there are also other alternative solutions namely by the real chipset. Reball chipset rates range from 500 to 700 thousand. Now many laptop/notebook service places are serving Reflow and real chipset services. They generally have a BGA Rework Station tool, so you don’t need to worry if it turns out your laptop is having that problem.

Complete Reference to Repair a Damaged Laptop.

Complete Reference to Repair a Damaged Laptop.

There are several other possible causes for black laptop blanks and the solution to fix it:

  • The problem might be caused due to memory failure. The memory module failed, and the laptop did not turn on because of it. In this case, you can try reseating the memory module to ensure good contact with the slot. You can try removing the memory modules one at a time and testing the laptop with only one memory module installed. You can try replacing the memory module with a new module.
  • If reseating/replacing memory modules doesn’t help, try removing the hard drive, DVD drive, modem, wireless card, keyboard, etc. In other words, take apart the laptop and only install minimal equipment and test again. If the computer still doesn’t turn on, it’s a most likely failure.

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