How to Reset TouchPad (Mouse) Settings in Windows 10

How to Reset TouchPad (Mouse) Settings in Windows 10 – You can shut off or switch on also readjust numerous gesture setups in Windows 10 after the touchpad chauffeur is installed appropriately. For example, right here, Admin tries to establish the touchpad to make sure that when three fingers are touched with each other, Windows will certainly run Cortana.

If, when configuring your touchpad, you slipped up that led to the touchpad not running as it should, you can try to reset its setups to return to the way they were. Well, in this tutorial, Admin will review how to recover the touchpad mouse setups to the default settings without having to use added applications.

Reset Touchpad Setups in Windows 10

Action 1: Open Setups after that browse to Devices => Computer mouse & touchpad.

Action 2: Under Relevant settings, click the relate to the title Added mouse alternatives to open the Mouse Characteristic home window.

Relevant settings,

Action 3: Move to the last tab (generally the name of the laptop computer or touchpad producer). On the laptop that I use, the tag has the title “ThinkPad.”.


Action 4: Click Setups (see picture) to open the touchpad settings home window.

Action 5: In the General or Advanced area, click the Restore All Defaults button to bring back the touchpad setups to typical. Click OK if the verification message shows up.


You can change the touchpad once again to your preference.

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