How to Save Laptop Batteries for Long Lasting

How to Save Laptop Batteries for Long-Lasting – As a portable device, laptops certainly need long-lasting batteries so as not to interfere with your activities. Although currently there are electricity sources in many places, there are times when we have to go to places that are rarely or have no electricity at all. In these circumstances, it automatically saves the laptop battery is the only way so that your laptop does not run out of power when in use.

1. Charge Every Occasion

Before exposing various tricks, the first thing you have to do is charge the laptop battery every time you have a chance, even for a short time, be it on the bus, minimarket, and others. Therefore you never forget to bring a charger in your bag. If possible, buy two chargers so you can put one at home and the other in a bag, so you don’t miss it.

Also, don’t ever be afraid to charge the battery fully because it won’t make it break or explode. Because the type of Lithium-ion batteries that are widely used in laptops today will immediately stop charging when their capacity is full. Please read the tips on caring for laptop batteries for complete information.

2. Reduce the Screen Brightness

Most laptops now use LED backlights that can display images well but consume little power. Even so, the screen remains a large enough component to waste battery power. Therefore, reduce the brightness of the screen if you use it in a place that is rather dark or minimal lighting. Besides saving laptop battery, it will also make your eyes more comfortable.

Another way to reduce the power consumption of the screen is to set backlight control automatically in Windows. The trick, open Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Options, then select Change plan settings in the active power plan. After that, on the ‘Dim the display’ and ‘Turn off the display’ options, choose the options 1 to 3 minutes when the laptop is using the battery as its power source.

3. Close the Unused Application

Another thing that often causes the laptop battery to run out quickly is an application that consumes a lot of processor power even though the app is not Being Used. These applications not only consume battery capacity but also make your laptop system slow. One of the characteristics of this is your laptop fan, which always turns very fast when the laptop is not in use.

To solve this problem, press Ctrl-Alt-Del together, then open Windows Task Manager and look for a process that consumes a lot of processor power. If the program cannot be closed normally, right-click and select Kill Process. If that still fails, then the only way is to restart your laptop.

4. Stopping Active Applications in the Background

In addition to closing applications that consume a lot of power, the next way to save laptop battery is to prevent apps that are running in the background (background). Some of these applications include Windows Update, BitTorrent clients, and others. Although Windows Update is a pretty vital application, in a state, without electricity turning it off, it makes sense to increase battery life.

5. Turn off unneeded features

After turning off various software, it’s time to turn off the multiple elements found in the hardware. When not in use, turning off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can significantly increase battery life. If your laptop Is equipped with a backlit keyboard, then turning off the lights when using a battery is an excellent idea to save battery.

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