How to Scan for Viruses on Windows 10

How to Scan for Viruses on Windows 10 – Windows 10 comes with the default antivirus application, Windows Security (which was previously named Windows Defender). If you feel suspicious that there are problems related to viruses, you can use the Windows Security Center to run a scan to find out whether there is a threat (threat) virus or not.

Virus Scan on Windows 10

To get started, you can open Windows Security via a tray to access it quickly, or by typing Windows Security through the Start Menu.

On the leading Windows Security page, click the Virus & threat protection option.

the Virus & threat protection option.

Then click the Quick scan option to start the scanning process. This process will be quite time-consuming. However, you can still operate the computer as usual. Later you will get a notification that the scanning process is complete.

the Quick scan

When finished, the results of the scan day will appear where if there is a threat, then you can see the information in detail through the Threat history option.

Apart from a quick scan, you can also scan in detail through the Full Scan option, which will check every component file in Windows. There is also a Custom Scan option where you can specify which folder you want to scan.

the Full Scan

That’s the way to do virus scanning on Windows 10. But besides tackling, you can also take precautions to avoid dealing with viruses such as not clicking suspicious links on emails or websites, and Windows Security itself is enough for users of Windows 10, where there are features real-time protection, which will continue to check periodically.

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