How to speed up computer startup

How to speed up computer startup – Why is the computer old when it is turned on? Is something wrong with the system or the computer? Is the laptop damaged? The question often arises when we turn on the computer, but loading a startup to display windows becomes very long. On this occasion, I will share about how to speed up Windows startup, so you don’t have to wait long when turning on the computer. When the machine is first turned on, the engine will load all existing programs to be displayed first on windows, if the system opens more and more applications, the process of loading data from the program takes a long time too. for that there are a few tips that can be applied to speed up startup loading on a computer:

1. The first step we will minimize the program that will be opened by the system the first time by entering the system startup is by pressing Windows + R on the keyboard or looking for a run on your windows.

2. The second step type MSConfig in the Run window, then click OK or press ENTER.

MSConfig in the Run

3. System configuration will appear after that click starts on the menu bar at the top.

4. After performing, select disable all, or you can check the desired program. Then click Apply and OK.

disable all

5. Next select boot on the menu bar then select advanced options.

advanced options.

6. Check the number of processors then select two if your computer is dual-core and choose another if your computer has higher specifications. Then click, OK.

number of processors

7. Then you will return to the system configuration window, click OK to save the settings.

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