How to Speed Up Restart Old Windows 10

How to speed up restarting old windows 10 – Virtual memory or more commonly known as a swap file. It can be called an unreal mind or lies located on the hard drive. Virtual memory will be useful if the computer’s RAM on the system can’t work maximally because it’s full, so instead, the hard drive is the temporary storage area. Because of that, we can set the virtual memory capacity according to what we want up to 2x the system RAM.

But sometimes we do not know that the size of virtual memory can affect the speed of the shutdown and restart windows. The higher the capacity of virtual memory, the higher the process of rebooting or closing of the Windows operating system. This applies to earlier versions of Windows, both Windows 7 and Windows 8. And to overcome this, you can follow these steps:

How to Speed Up Restart Old Windows 10

1. First, you have to open the Local Security Policy, by typing Local Security Policy or secpol.msc in the start menu search.
2. After that, you look in the left column, then select security settings -> Local policies -> Security Options -> and find Shutdown: Clear Virtual memory page file. Then you set the value to Disabled.

How to Speed Up Restart Old Windows 10. 1

If you have a relatively large RAM, you can set Windows to boot without virtual memory. in the following way:

1. First, you open the file explorer, then right-click My Computer or This PC -> Then select Properties -> Then you Advanced system settings in the left column.
2. After that, you click on Settings in the performance section, on the Performance Options window click on the Advanced tab.
3. In the virtual memory section, you click Change. There you will see which drive you will put virtual memory there.
4. If you want to disable virtual memory, you only need to select the no paging file, then click Set to save the changes.

How to Speed Up Restart Old Windows 10. 2

5. When you have finished, you restart the computer or laptop.

By doing the steps above, the process of booting a computer or laptop will be faster, be it shutdown or a long restart.

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